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The odds for these heroes seem impossible; they are only 13 and Lord Naritsugu fields at least 200 against them. Miike spares us the whimsy that 13 good men can defeat 200 evil ones, and has his samurai rig an entire village as a trap. It's clear this is planned, but the details remain vague, and when the surprises begin, it would be logical, I think, to ask exactly how the assassins found the time and resources to marshal such an elaborate ambush. Logical, but not fair; you don't ask questions like that in movies that require your belief.

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Reviewed by: Blood Ninja Kate Quealy-Gainer Lake, Nick. Blood Ninja. Simon, 2009 [384p.] ISBN 978-1-4169-8627-0 $16.99 Reviewed from galleys R Gr. 9-12 In sixteenth-century Japan, young Taro wants nothing more than to take up the noble sword of the samurai, a group of warriors in service to the honorable Lord Oda and dedicated to protecting the innocent. Unfortunately, as the son of common peasants, Taro has lackluster ancestry that makes him unfit for such a dignified rank. When black-clad assassins attack his hut and nearly take his life, however, Taro is drawn into the world of another type of righteous warriors: the ninja, an illicit faction of mercenaries famed for their deadly stealth, a talent that conveniently results from their vampiric nature. Accompanied by his hulking best friend, Hiro, and the rogue ninja Shusaku, Taro fees his tiny fishing village and embarks on a quest to figure out who is trying to kill him and why. Steeped in Japanese history and mythology, this richly atmospheric tale presents an exploration of the notions of honor and identity cleverly disguised as a thrilling adventure. Taro, his companions, and even (perhaps especially) his enemies are each memorable in their own right, creating a compelling tension that pulls the reader deep into their story. Though some readers might find the multiple beheadings and various gory deaths a bit too graphic for their taste, Lake's cinematic prose puts the exhilarating action scenes on par with any martial arts movie. Far from being a thoughtless bloodbath, however, the story manages to respectfully portray the impressive tradition of the ninja and samurai while challenging the underlying notions of honor, revenge, and power. The book provides no easy answers to these more abstract contemplations, but it does conclude the story with a chilling cliffhanger of an ending, leaving readers thirsting for the next installment of this proposed trilogy.

The Rhythm Section has everything you could want in an action drama: tragedy, deceit, revenge, assassins. Not to mention the fact that the film adaptation is produced by EOS Productions, known for producing the James Bond movies. Blake Lively plays Stephanie Patrick, whose life takes a devastating turn after a plane crash kills her family. When the crash is revealed to be an act of terrorism and not an accident, Stephanie vows to stop at nothing until she can seek her revenge on the people to blame.


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