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Where To Buy Greenington Furniture

Not only does Greenington Furniture represent quality, style and affordability. They're a model for other manufacturers to emulate, a path to enjoying bold furniture without sacrificing our environment and planet. Shop the entire collection above, everything from the Currant to Orchid, and rest easy knowing you're moving towards style and sustainability.

where to buy greenington furniture


Looking for Minimal and Modern furniture? Look no further. We are the premier source for modern beds, dining chairs, dining tables & much more. Featuring incredible brands such as TOV Furniture, Modway Furniture, Greenington Bamboo Furniture, Manhattan Comfort, Baxton Studio & others!

In 2004, Greenington began production of the most eco-friendly contemporary furniture in the brand's home of Kent, Washington. The contemporary furniture line satisfies the taste for wood furniture with a resource of higher value; classic and exotic Moso bamboo. The durable bamboo, stronger than Red Oak, is an ideal material for furniture making. With good leadership, Greenington has become a leading manufacturer in the industry. Throughout the furniture collections, Greenington displays a dedication to beauty, style and quality.

In addition to our incredible specials and price promotions, Lumens is committed to offering you the lowestpossible price on every product we sell, every day of the year. If you ever find the exact same productadvertised for less anywhere, within 30 days of your Lumens purchase, please let us know and we will happilymatch that price. Keep in mind that shipping and handling fees will be taken into consideration. For example,if Lumens offers free shipping and the competitor charges for shipping, then the total price, includingshipping, will be matched. We may require some form of verification of the offer and it must be made by anauthorized dealer of the product, following manufacturer pricing guidelines and policies and it must be a stockitem. The Low-Price Guarantee excludes clearance, closeout and returned items. Other restrictions may apply,but why not ask? For more information please contact CustomerService.

Welcome to Greenington Furniture Catalog 2019-2020! In our Greenington Furniture Catalog, you can find the best bamboo furniture, including beds, tables, chairs, media furniture and even more! Make your home interior eco-friendly with bamboo furniture by Greenington right now!

Greenington specializes in manufacturing bamboo furniture. It has the top-notch products made of bamboo. The company was first launched in 2004. Since then, it has grown its client base. It stands out because it has the most unique furniture. In addition to that, it will accentuate your whole house. You can rely on Greenington to decorate your interior. Read on, to know all about the incredible products from the organization.

Greenington can spice up your living room with elegance. They have products such as cabinets and sideboards. Apart from that, there are occasional tables. They range from lovely coffee tables to end tables. Media centers and TV furniture are in the set. The lilac screen will also add life to your living room. They have world-class living room furniture.

Dining furniture is also available. They have the comfiest and cozy chairs. Moreover, Greenington has a collection of bar stools and bar tables. The authentic dining table will impress you. There are high-caliber cabinets and sideboards too. Benches wind up the furniture meant for the dining room.

Greenington has a wide range of furniture collections. To begin with, there are accents. The collection is custom-made out of bamboo. It spices up your home by adding more than color. It brings out the design of your beautiful space. The furniture includes the irresistible Reed accent chair. Another awesome one is the Logan accent chair.

The Aurora dining is another topmost furniture collection. The designs are well-crafted to decorate your dining room. They are stylish and give a sense of class. You can have a romantic or a family dinner on the furniture. What makes the furniture distinct is the color blends. It produces an aesthetic finish. The Aurora collection comprises of dining chairs, table, and benches. They are artistically made for your tastes.

The Ceres living furniture is made fully out of bamboo. The material is caramelized and exotic. The Ceres coffee and end tables are in the set. They have a magnificent and refined taste. This way, you can look at them and appreciate the bamboo. It is the main material behind the polished furniture.?

It comes with a number of upper sides. Bamboo furniture is eco-friendly. It can be recycled and re-used. Additionally, it does not damage the environment. Bamboo trees can be re-planted and be ready in 3 years.

The products have the ultimate look. This is because the material can be polished. It is also smooth enough to get an amazing finish. The final product is gorgeous and elegant. The rich and deep colors add to the pomp of the furniture.

The furniture is sustainable. If it is well-treated, it will last you a life span. It does not change shape due to heat or cold. This means that it is resistant to natural forces. Termites will not reach to your furniture too.

Greenington furniture is available in stores all over the country. However, the prices can be a bit higher. It is advisable to get them at the online website. This way, you will get all the products you need under one roof. The prices are also pocket-friendly to all clients. Consequently, you will get the best value for money. You can order the furniture through

Greenington harvests one of Earth's fastest-growing plants straight from bamboo forests in China to design naturally beautiful furniture in a process that is environmentally friendly and helps sustain our planet. Bamboo is one of the best plants on Earth to sequester carbon, because it releases approximately 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees.

Do not use wax or polish on your bamboo furniture. For periodic cleaning use a soft cloth and a gentle cleaner designed for wood furniture. Always avoid cleaners that contain abrasive materials, such as; oil, acidic or caustic ingredients or any other harsh chemicals. Further, to prevent staining or water marks, make sure to clean spills immediately, using a dabbing motion with a soft cloth.

Greenington warrants the original purchaser that the furniture you purchase will be free of factory defects in construction and workmanship.In conclusion, the duration of the warranty is for twelve months from the date of delivery. Greenington at its option will repair, replace or refund the cost you paid us for any defective merchandise within the terms of this warranty. Specifically, this warranty applies under conditions of normal use. View Greenington's full warranty details here.

1) Hardness: Greenington furniture uses only mature Moso bamboo that is at least 5 years old ensuring that our furniture possesses strength, hardness and stability. The Classic bamboo used is 20% harder than Oak, and the Exotic bamboo is 100% harder than Red Oak.

4) Leadership: With over 20 years experience manufacturing bamboo products, Greenington is the leading company in mid to high end bamboo furniture production. Our processes are innovative, using the latest developed technologies to create new product lines.

5) Authorized Dealer: We have been working with Greenington furniture for over a year. We have developed strong relationships with the team. This means that you are going to get the best customer service when purchasing Greenington furniture from Bamboo Mod!

Natural bamboo has a very blond color. Caramelized bamboo is achieved through a process called carbonization, in which the bamboo is put into steam vessels where the sugars in the bamboo are cooked. This turns the natural blond color into a darker and warmer, honey-toned color we call caramelized. No chemicals are used in this process.

Yang Lin manufactured quality bamboo products for over twenty years before founding Greenington Fine Bamboo Furniture in 2004. With Greenington, he creates a line of high quality solid bamboo furniture. 041b061a72


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