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Apples main activity, he began, doesnt lie with the calculation of the game. The main activity of the game is that of the invention of the game, of the discovery of a new atmosphere of life and of a new type of pleasure. Philosophy and literature have nothing to do with the game. The game of chess, with its beautiful and peculiar sentiments, is the unique book of love and of friendship, the bible of the family and of society. It brings together the three elements that make up the human fabric, work, family, and friendship. The game of chess is also a complete art. If one wants to know the essence of the soul, one has only to place in front of one an ivory board covered with black and white squares and surrounded by a circle of onlookers who comment upon the battles that one witnesses.

daem chess studio full version

He was a nice boy, full of charm, full of soul. He was a good man, he lived a good life, he died a good death. Yes, he loved his son. He loved his life. He loved his wife. He was a genius. He didnt do anything wrong. We will remember him forever. He was our friend. He was our teacher. And to us, he was the Rolling Stones. He remains the Rolling Stones.

The tant Donns (194664) series (Mon Amour, petit and grand), as the name of the painting implies, represented a continuation of Richiers interest in obsessive manifestations of romantic love. While the previous paintings are inspired by Richier early experience in love relationships (she was romantically involved with the Parisian art dealer Pierre Cliquet and for a time, in the early 1950s, he was her lover), the tant Donns series is based on this artists subsequent attraction to the charismatic artist, Jean Cocteau, and their dramatic and theatrical affairs. These two elements, art and love, are the sources of inspiration for the large scale paintings. Richiers continued interest in the theme of obsessive love and its consequences is manifested in the trappings of her collection of chess games and pieces; resulting in the tant Donns series.


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