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[S2E12] Clubhouses

"Clubhouses" is the twelfth episode of the second season of the American animated television series South Park. The 25th episode of the series overall, it originally aired on Comedy Central in the United States on September 23, 1998. The episode was written by series co-creator Trey Parker, along with Nancy M. Pimental, and directed by Parker. In the episode, the boys set out to build clubhouses so they can play Truth or Dare with girls, while Randy and Sharon Marsh's marriage begins to fall apart.[1]

[S2E12] Clubhouses

Stan and Kyle set out to build a clubhouse so they can play Truth or Dare with Wendy and Bebe. Stan believes he will be dared to kiss his girlfriend, Wendy, and Bebe, who has developed a crush on Kyle, plans to dare Kyle to kiss her. Cartman and Kenny learn of Stan and Kyle's plans and set about building their own clubhouse.

Meanwhile, Stan's parents, Randy and Sharon, divorce due to constant bickering. Sharon soon introduces Stan to a new stepfather, Roy, who promptly moves into the family home. Cartman and Kenny complete their clubhouse first, and Kenny manages to get two 16-year-old girls to hang out with them. Cartman attempts to get the girls to play Truth or Dare, but this fails when one of the girls says that Truth or Dare is for children. They instead instigate a massive party in the clubhouse, during which Kenny is inadvertently crushed. Stan and Kyle eventually finish their clubhouse, but it is time for Stan to visit his father. Randy displays insincere interest and is more focused on enjoying single life. The girls visit Stan and Kyle's clubhouse to play Truth or Dare. Kyle and Bebe end up kissing, and before Stan has his turn, Roy interrupts, causing Wendy and Bebe to leave.

Randy and Sharon get back together as Stan sets them up for a meeting in his clubhouse. The next day, Stan and Clyde play Truth or Dare with Wendy and Bebe. Stan asks for a dare, expecting to be asked to kiss Wendy, but is instead told to insert a stick in his urethra ("jam it" up his "peehole").

At the school playground, Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman are playing "Americans vs Bosnians", quitting after they find out that Cartman is cheating. Leaving Cartman to play by himself, Stan and Kyle meet Wendy who tells Stan to build a clubhouse so they can play Truth or Dare and to hook Kyle up with Bebe.

At Stan's house, Stan enlists the help of Randy to build his clubhouse. Stan finds Randy watching Terrance and Phillip on television. Sharon thinks Stan is the one watching Terrance and Phillip and makes him switch to watching The Fat Abbott Show (which, unbeknownst to Sharon, is equally vulgar.) Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Sharon drops her wedding ring down the sink and demands that Randy gets it out. After a small argument, Randy accidentally calls her a cunt, and Sharon leaves mad.

At Marsh Residence, Sharon introduces Stan to her new partner Roy. Stan is shocked at the unusual turn of events but goes back to building the clubhouse. Unfortunately, Stan is delayed by having to spend quality time with Randy and having to get firewood for Roy.

Meanwhile, Cartman and Kenny's clubhouse is complete, and Kenny gets two teenage girls to stay there. The girls then invite all their friends over and the party goes out of hand. Cartman becomes extremely agitated when the teenage girls refused to play Truth of Dare; he is even more horrified witnessing Kenny being trampled to death by the teens in a mosh pit. (This episode is the only time Cartman says the line "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!").

Stan and Kyle finally finish their clubhouse. Chef advises them to play truth a few times and finally play dare later. Kyle is dared to kiss Bebe. When Bebe kisses him on the lips, Kyle screams in horror and runs away.

Roy reads the note and goes to the clubhouse to meet Stan but is caught in the trap. Sharon and Randy also read the note but go to the clubhouse. It reminds them of when they were kids playing Truth or Dare. Sharon dares Randy to have sex with her and they make up.

The next day at school, Bebe tells Kyle that she wants to break up to be with Clyde. Later Wendy, Bebe, Clyde, and Stan are inside the clubhouse playing Truth or Dare. Stan chooses dare and instead of getting to kiss Wendy, he has to shove a twig up his "pee hole". Roy is left hanging during the credits roll.

Sharon: What are you doing sweetheart?Stan: Getting a cookie. We're gonna build a clubhouse and then were......(Sharon interrupts)Sharon: You men are all alike. First you get a cookie, then you criticize the way I dress, and then the way I cook. I suppose next you'll tell me you need your space and that I'm sabotaging your creativity. Go ahead Stanly get your god damn cookie.

Stan wants to build a clubhouse so he can play "Truth or Dare" with Wendy. Randy is all for it, and Kyle reluctantly helps out too. Feeling snubbed, Cartman and Kenny build their own clubhouse. Meanwhile, Stan's parents are having marital problems.

Stan needs to build a clubhouse so he and Kyle can play "Truth or Dare" with Wendy and her friend, who has a crush on Kyle. Cartman and Kenny retaliate by building a clubhouse of their own; only theirs has hot chicks. Meanwhile, the Marshes marriage breaks up and Stan learns a valuable lesson about love and family.

  • Wendy gets Stan to make a clubhouse so they can play Truth or Dare with Bebe and Kyle, and Cartman and Kenny decide to make their own clubhouse, which is overrun by spoiled teenagers. Meanwhile, Sharon and Randy get divorced.This episode provides examples of: Bait-and-Switch: The Fat Abbott Show was supposedly an innocent, family-friendly show. Stan and Kyle are impressed with what kind of content it shows.

  • Big "WHAT?!": Stan says this when Bebe asks him to shove a stick into his penis after he said "dare".

  • Borrowed Catch Phrase: Cartman says Stan's "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!" since he was killed inside their clubhouse party. Kyle who happens to be walking past the clubhouse at the time shouts "You bastard!" in response.

  • Cluster F-Bomb: The Fat Abbott Show is mostly this. Stan and Kyle are pretty happy about this.Fat Abbott: Hey, Hey, Hey! What's goin' on Rudy? Rudy: Man, Fat Abbott, you need to lose weight. Fat Abbott: I'll lose weight when I feel like it, bitch! Shut yo bitch ass mouth, ho! Rudy: Bitch! I'll kick yo ass. Kyle: WHOA DUDE! Stan: SWEET! Fat Abbott: You think you slick, you punk ass blasphemous dope-fiend bitch?! I had my Jimmy waxed seven times last week, I'll bust a cap in your *beep* ass *beep* head! Kyle: Wow, cartoons are getting really dirty.

  • Country Matters:Randy: Hey, back off, bitch! Sharon: [gasps] You just said the C-word! Randy: Did I? This is hindered by uncensored airings, as "bitch" is typically covered by a Sound-Effect Bleep.

  • Dirty Kid: Bebe is a rare female version, since she won't stop gawking at Kyle's ass.

  • Early-Installment Weirdness: This episodes marks the first time where Butters receives any lines of dialogue (aside from a brief scream heard in "Damien"). However, his voice is completely different from his modern Southern accent and is done with a nasally inflection a la Clyde or Craig.

  • Female Gaze: Bebe develops an affinity for Kyle's butt.

  • First Kiss: Bebe gives Kyle his first kiss, he then freaks out and runs away.

  • Hard Truth Aesop: In-Universe. Fat Abbott tells his friend Yolanda that the best way to solve the situation with her abusive step-father is to get rid of him by "snatching his ass in a bear trap", and then leave him to die from exposure. Stan later uses this advice to get rid of Roy.Bill Cosby Expy: Well, Fat Abbott and the gang sure did learn something today. If you have a stepdad ridin' your ass, just snatch his ass in a bear trap! Crank! No more stepdad.

  • Hypocritical Humor: Randy tells Stan he and Sharon still love Stan and Shelly but they no longer love each other so they decided to split. Stan asks if he can leave Shelly since he doesn't love her but Randy says he can't because they're family and family has to stay together. Stan points out that when Randy married Sharon, they became family and should follow the same rules. Randy just brushes this off.

  • It's All About Me: Sharon is a selfish bitch in this episode after kicking Randy out. Randy's not so great either.

  • The 16-year-old girls that stay in the clubhouse are like this too.

  • Kick the Dog: Sharon explicitly blames the divorce on Stan, which (as he says) is not something one should tell a child.

  • Laser-Guided Karma: Roy will likely die of hunger and thirst since Stan hung him somewhere no one can find him.

  • Mistaken for Gay: When Stan reads Bebe's note to the class, everybody thinks it's HIS note.

  • Mood-Swinger: Roy goes from trying to be Stan's friend to yelling at him really quickly.

  • Murder Is the Best Solution: The Fat Abbott Show claims this to be the case when dealing with abusive step-parents.

  • Out-of-Character Moment: Kenny actually objects to picking up chicks upon Cartman's request. You'd think someone as perverted as him would be all for it.

  • Shout-Out: The Fat Abbott Show serves as this to Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.

  • Start My Own: Cartman's response to Stan and Kyle not letting him be part of their clubhouse. Kenny ends up doing most of the construction.

  • Subverted Kids' Show: Sharon introduces Stan to Fat Abbott, thinking it's wholesome entertainment. Turns out the show mainly consists of ethnic slurs, swearing and Broken Aesops.

  • They Killed Kenny Again: Kenny is trampled to death during a party in Cartman's clubhouse when they form a moshpit. Cartman even gets to say "Oh, my god, they killed Kenny!" with Kyle randomly passing by to say "You bastards!"

  • Treehouse of Fun: The kids build a treehouse to play Truth or Dare in. Randy and Sharon both remembering playing in a treehouse is part of the subplot.

  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Roy's caught in a bear trap and left dangling from the tree at the end of the episode.



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