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Download Part 2 From Racaty [5 GB] Fix

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Download part 2 from Racaty [5 GB]

Dangit! The power went out in the middle of the new episode of "Game of Thrones," leaving only half the episode on your DVR. Your friends are coming over tomorrow night for a watching party, so you decide to download the episode illegally -- just this once -- to save your shindig.

There are more reputable peer to peer download sites out there, like RapidShare and MediaFire. Just visiting these sites shouldn't put your computer at risk, but a lot of the material on there is illegal, like pirated TV shows, movies, and software. There's nothing stopping users from sharing infected files, sometimes without even knowing it. If one user downloads a pirated episode of "Weeds" that's infected with malware, he can then share that file on a peer to peer site without realizing that he's spreading malware around.

If you're looking to download music from your favorite band, you might want to check out their official website before you do any illegal downloading. Services like Bandcamp allow bands to offer their music to fans for free, a set price or using a "pay what you want" model [source: Bandcamp]. The Bandcamp site itself isn't a file-sharing website, though. It's just a tool that bands can use to sell their music or offer it to fans for free.

You can also see what other people are saying about the download site that you're considering. You'll find reviews and discussion about more reputable download sites like BitTorrent and Usenet, but chances are won't get a mention. The trick here is to stick to reliable sources like PC Magazine, Mac World, CNET, ZDNET, and Tech Crunch. If you can't find mentions of the download site you want to use on any of these tech resources, you might want to do a little more Googling before you visit the site or download anything from it.

You can consider this author's note a bonus tip on how to download free media safely: bribe a savvy friend into doing it for you. Save your computer and barter some homemade cupcakes for the files you want, because -- as you probably gleaned from this article -- if you don't know what you're doing, downloading files from the Internet is pretty risky. 041b061a72


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