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[S2E12] Army Of Ghosts [NEW]

Jackie shows the Tenth Doctor and Rose a vaguely humanoid and luminous silhouette that momentarily appears in her flat, which Jackie insists is the ghost of her deceased father. Jackie explains that for the past two months, millions of ghosts began appearing all over the world. Humans have come to accept them and believe that they are the manifestations of loved ones.

[S2E12] Army of Ghosts

Conducting an experiment, the Doctor determines that the ghosts are in fact impressions of something forcing its way into this universe. The Doctor tracks the signal back and uses the TARDIS to travel there with Rose and Jackie, arriving at the Torchwood Institute in Canary Wharf. The Doctor and Jackie are taken by soldiers to see Torchwood's director Yvonne Hartman, while the TARDIS is impounded with Rose inside. Yvonne shows the Doctor the invisible breach which is the source of the ghost energy, along with a ship which came through the breach: a "Void ship", designed to exist in the space between universes known as the Void. Torchwood built One Canada Square[N 1] around the breach and conducted experiments on it, forcing it open in an attempt to harness it as a source of energy. Yvonne also reveals to the Doctor that his encounter with Queen Victoria made him an enemy of the state and was the catalyst for the creation of Torchwood.[N 2]

Meanwhile, Rose, masquerading as a Torchwood employee, slips out of the TARDIS, and gains access to the sphere chamber, where she finds Mickey, also disguised as Torchwood staff. An advance guard of Cybermen subvert and manipulate three employees into initiating an unscheduled ghost shift to forcibly open the breach, causing millions of ghosts to appear across the globe before they materialise into their true form, the Cybermen. At the same time the Cybermen arrive, the sphere suddenly activates and begins to open. The Cybermen are similarly oblivious to the origins of the sphere; they simply followed its course through the breach.

Rose and the Tenth Doctor return to modern-day London to find a mysterious epidemic of ghosts all over the world. As the Doctor searches Torchwood Tower to find answers, something sinister lurks in the building.

Rose Tyler narrates how her life changed when she met the Doctor, who showed her the universe, taking her on a journey she thought would last forever. Then came the army of ghosts, Torchwood, and the war. This is the story of how it all ended, and how she died.

In Jackie's flat, the Doctor watches various television programmes such as Ghostwatch, EastEnders, and Trisha, which reveal that the ghost phenomenon is international and that people have accepted it as a regular occurrence. Jackie explains that it started about two months ago. At first, there was panic, but then people realised that they were spirits of their departed loved ones. Jackie says that the ghost she calls her father smells like the cigarettes he used to smoke, but Rose says she smelled nothing. Jackie says that she has to make an effort, and the Doctor notes that the more they want it, the stronger it gets. The ghosts are not people's loved ones but they are using peoples' desires and beliefs to press themselves into existence.

The Doctor, singing the Ghostbusters theme, assembles a device to determine the ghosts' origin by triangulation. Rose asks if the ghosts might be related to the Gelth but the Doctor replies negatively; the Gelth were simply coming through the Rift, whereas the ghosts are forcing themselves into existence across the world. He sets up the device in the playground, while Rose monitors the energy levels in the TARDIS. At Torchwood Tower, Hartman cues for the next ghost shift, just as Gareth and Adeola return to their desks, each wearing two Bluetooth earpieces instead of one, the lights on the devices flickering actively.

The Torchwood machines power up, and the ghosts begin to appear as before. The Doctor traps a ghost within his device, looking at it through 3D glasses and demanding to know where it comes from. As he adjusts the controls, Torchwood picks up the signal, and Hartman orders the ghost shift closed down. The Doctor has managed to locate the energy source required for the ghosts' appearance but Torchwood has also traced the interference to the Powell Estate. A CCTV camera shows an image of the TARDIS, and Hartman recognises it. The TARDIS dematerialises, with Jackie an unwilling passenger who warns the Doctor that she will kill him if they end up on Mars. Hartman, seeing this, realises the Doctor is on his way and runs off excitedly.

The Doctor berates Hartman for trying to make the breach bigger and warns her to cancel the next shift. He explains, sonicing a piece of glass as a demonstration, that when the sphere came through, it cracked the surface of this dimension. The ghosts have been bleeding through the fault lines, walking from their world to this one. The Doctor presses the cracked glass and shatters the window; that's what will happen to this dimension when there are too many ghosts. When Hartman insists on going through with the shift anyway, the Doctor abruptly changes gears, casually sitting to watch it happen. Hartman, disconcerted, stops the countdown, conceding that it may be prudent to get more intelligence. However, once they go into Hartman's office, Adeola, Matt and Gareth restart the countdown.

DOCTOR: How long are you going to stay with me? ROSE: Forever. ROSE [OC]: That's what I thought. But then came the army of ghosts.Then came Torchwood and the War. And that's when it all ended. This isthe story of how I died.

(The Doctor and Rose run out of the block offlats.) DOCTOR: They're everywhere! (And no one is alarmed at the sight of them.) ROSE: Doctor, look out! (One of the shapes walks through the Doctor. It is not a comfortablesensation.) JACKIE: They haven't got long. Midday shift only lasts a couple ofminutes. They're about to fade. DOCTOR: What do you mean, shift? Since when did ghosts have shifts?Since when did shifts have ghosts? What's going on? JACKIE: Oh, he's not happy when I know more than him, is he? DOCTOR: But no one's running or screaming or freaking out. JACKIE: Why should we? Here we go. Twelve minutes past. (Somewhere, a man in a lab coat pulls a big lever, like the sort usedto change railway points. The images vanish.)

(The Ghostwatch programme is on the television,presented by that bloke fromCash in the Attic.) ALISTAIR APPLETON [on TV]: On today's Ghostwatch, claims that some ofthe ghosts are starting to talk, and there seems to be a regularformation gathering around Westminster Bridge. It's almost like amilitary display. DOCTOR: What the hell's going on? (The Doctor changes the channel.) WEATHERMAN [on TV]: And tonight we're expecting very strong ghosts fromLondon, through the North and up into Scotland. (Trisha Goddard's show - I married a dead man.) TRISHA [on TV]: So basically, Eileen, what you're telling me is, thatyou are in love with a ghost. EILEEN [on TV]: He's my ghost, and I love him twenty four seven. (Change channel to an interview with a ghost hunter.) DEREK ACORAH [on TV]: Well, no one needs me anymore! (If only. Change channel to an advert.) HOUSEWIFE [on TV]: My ghost was pale and grey until I discoveredEctoshine! FRENCH NEWSREADER [on TV]: Et le President d'aujourd'hui, quelle est (An Indian newsreader follows, then a Japanese lady.) JACKIE: Oh, yes. DOCTOR: It's all over the world. (Eastenders.) PEGGY [on TV]: Listen to me, Den Watts. I don't care if you have comeback from the grave. Get out of my pub! The only spirits I'm serving inthis place are gin, whisky and vodka. So, you heard me. Get out! (The Doctor turns the TV off.) DOCTOR: When did it start? JACKIE: Well, first of all, Peggy heard this noise in the cellar, soshe goes down DOCTOR: No, I mean worldwide. JACKIE: Oh. That was about two months ago. Just happened. Woke up onemorning, and there they all were. Ghosts, everywhere. We all ran roundscreaming and that. Whole planet was panicking. No sign of you, thankyou very much. Then it sort of sank in. It took us time to realise thatwe're lucky. ROSE: What makes you think it's granddad? JACKIE: It just feels like him. There's that smell, those oldcigarettes. Can't you smell it? ROSE: I wish I could, mum, but I can't. JACKIE: You've got to make an effort. You've got to want it,sweetheart. DOCTOR: The more you want it, the stronger it gets. JACKIE: Sort of, yeah. DOCTOR: Like a psychic link. Of course you want your old dad to bealive, but you're wishing him into existence. The ghosts are using thatto pull themselves in. JACKIE: You're spoiling it. DOCTOR: I'm sorry, Jackie, but there's no smell, there's no cigarettes.Just a memory. ROSE: But if they're not ghosts, what are they then? JACKIE: Yeah, but they're human! You can see them. They look human. ROSE: She's got a point. I mean, they're all sort of blurred, butthey're definitely people. DOCTOR: Maybe not. They're pressing themselves into the surface of theworld. But a footprint doesn't look like a boot.

ROSE: According to the paper, they've elected aghost as MP for Leeds. Now don't tell me you'regoing to sit back and do nothing. (The Doctor pops up from below the console floor wearing a backpack andholding a hosepipe like device.) DOCTOR: Who you going to call? ROSE: Ghostbusters! DOCTOR: I ain't afraid of no ghosts.

YVONNE: It was only a matter of time until youfound us, and at last you've made it. I'd like to welcome you, Doctor.Welcome to Torchwood. (A massive warehouse area, with lots of crates, jeeps and trucksrunning around, and a flying saucer.) DOCTOR: That's a Jathar Sunglider. YVONNE: Came down to Earth off the Shetland Islands ten years ago. DOCTOR: What, did it crash? YVONNE: No, we shot it down. It violated our airspace. Then we strippedit bare. The weapon that destroyed the Sycorax on Christmas Day? Thatwas us. Now, if you'd like to come with me. The Torchwood Institute hasa motto. If it's alien, it's ours. Anything that comes from the sky, westrip it down and we use it for the good of the British Empire. JACKIE: For the good of the what? YVONNE: The British Empire. JACKIE: There isn't a British Empire. YVONNE: Not yet. Ah, excuse me. Now, if you wouldn't mind. (A soldier hands Yvonne a very big gun.) YVONNE: Do you recognise this, Doctor? DOCTOR: That's a particle gun. YVONNE: Good, isn't it? Took us eight years to get it to work . DOCTOR: It's the 21st century. You can't have particle guns. YVONNE: We must defend our border against the alien. Thank you,Sebastian, isn't it? SEBASTIAN: Yes, Ma'am. YVONNE: Thank you, Sebastian. I think it's very important to knoweveryone by name. Torchwood is a very modern organisation. Peopleskills. That's what it's all about these days. I'm a people person. DOCTOR: Have you got anyone called Alonso? YVONNE: No, I don't think so. Is that important? DOCTOR: No, I suppose not. What was your name? YVONNE: Yvonne. Yvonne Hartman. (The Doctor picks up a black plastic step-stool with a handle on top.) YVONNE: Ah, yes. Now, we're rather fond of these. The Magnaclamp. Foundin a spaceship buried at the base of Mount Snowdon. Attach this to anobject and it cancels the mass. I could use it to lift two tonnes ofweight with a single hand. That's an imperial ton, by the way.Torchwood refuses to go metric. JACKIE: I could do with that to carry the shopping. YVONNE: All these devices are for Torchwood's benefit, not the generalpublic's. DOCTOR: So, what about these ghosts? YVONNE: Ah yes, the ghosts. They're er what you might call a sideeffect. DOCTOR: Of what? YVONNE: All in good time, Doctor. There is an itinerary, trust me. (The TARDIS is driven past on the back of a truck.) JACKIE: Oi! Where are you taking that? YVONNE: If it's alien, it's ours. DOCTOR: You'll never get inside it. YVONNE: Hmm! Et cetera. (Rose peeks out of the Tardis. The Doctor gives her a little nod.) 041b061a72


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