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Instruction Manual For Thighmaster !!LINK!!

You do not only need to use Thigh Master Vibrato for your thighs and lower body. This piece of workout equipment can also be used to tone and strengthen your upper body. The manual has detailed instructions on how to use this product to tone your shoulders, arms and biceps.

Instruction Manual For Thighmaster


In the video, I demonstrate eight weight training exercises in a gym. I show how they should be performed to maximize bone building while reducing risk of fracture. You see, technique is very important. The additional load created by these gym machines as well as the way they put you in certain positions, can be problematic. If you use exercise equipment at the gym and you have osteoporosis, I encourage you to follow the instructions I provide in this blog and the video.

You should be careful handling your free weights. They can place a lot of strain on your spine if you do not lift safely. I find that many of my clients do not handle the free weights properly and need instruction.

This is a great toning tool! We love how inexpensive it is, but it works so many muscles within your body, talk about value for money! It is very easy to use, but the instruction booklet does guide you on how to get the best use from it. It is very comfortable to use and feels sturdy and durable.

Many trainers, however, will face an uphill battle protecting exercises or workout regimens in and of themselves. Few ways of moving the human body yield such unexpected results that they clear the patent hurdles of novelty and non-obviousness. Even if they do, "method patents," as patents on steps of instruction and other nonmaterial innovations are called, can be notoriously difficult to obtain. (Equipment, obviously, is a different story.)


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